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Delta State facing $1.7 million budget shortfall

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Michael Earl Hill
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  1. C says:

    Alienating alumni lessens the chances we send our kids to DSU. They are enrolled elsewhere. Being totally disinterested in groups attempting to establish scholarships results in those groups becoming less likely to give to the university. To those running things on campus, we see you. You may not be aware, you may just not care. You turned your back on us in the past. Suffer the consequences. Personally, my mind will not change until new leadership can show a genuine interest in things that matter.

    1. Tammy says:

      You call and call and never get a response. My child received a scholarship last year for two years and haven’t seen the money this year. I keep calling and we are already in Oct and still have not received it. As you know if you haven’t paid by a certain date, your student’s classes are cancelled and that’s before classes even start. I dont think you can give someone a scholarship and just say we arent doing that any more. (Which someone told me on the phone) its pretty much a contract, if you are within the guide lines. You plan on that money because it’s written on paper, so now you have to go find the money that was promised to you to cover do your kid doesn’t get kicked out. I know it is very unorganized every time I call. and some new processes need to be put in place…places can change if they have the right people to make the changes…Very Frustrated!!

    2. Sam says:

      Can you explain how the alumni have been alienated? I ask as a former alumni board member and I have heard someone said this before. What are the things that matter other than giving students access to a quality, affordable education and the necessary supports for a holistic experience on campus?

      1. Buddy says:

        I can Sam, but not publicly. I would be glad to discuss it via phone call.

  2. Henry says:

    Already saw this coming. Enrollment has been declining for years.

  3. Matt Smith says:

    Getting rid of the self-indulgent “Delta Music Institute” would be a start.

  4. Alumni says:

    The whole university is a joke.

  5. STUDENT says:

    Put money towards Parking, drainage, court of governors, housing problems > build a new house for the president on campus

    1. Student says:

      The president’s house is privately funded, not by the institution.

  6. Anonymous says:

    How much does the presidents house cost by the way? Just wondering…

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