Letters To Editor

Letter to the Editor — Cindi Q. Lofton

To the Editor:
Wow, it’s Christmas!  We are all scrambling to figure out what gifts will be meaningful to the folks on our lists as we fill our carts online and at downtown shops to make sure our selections are special. One place you may be assured your gifts are always special is the United Way of Bolivar County. Though there is not a “To and From” name tag to fill out, please know that you are gifting countless numbers of men, women and children with many different types of very basic needs, from counseling for depression or anxiety, the provision of food, clothing, youth activities and other special services. Those working with the non-profit agencies of the United Way have the privilege of working to meet those needs year around, even at Christmas, and it is only your contributions that make that help possible! Thank you!!  To provide a gift of service that will help people now and all through the year, checks can be mailed to: United Way of Bolivar County, P.O. Box 1796, Cleveland, MS. 38732, or call Corley Mullins, Executive Director of the United Way at 662-846-1646 for more information. May your holiday be filled with bountiful blessings!
Cindi Q. Lofton
Executive Director,  
Community Counseling Center
Cleveland & Greenville