Letters To Editor

Letter to the Editor — Marilyn Kelly

Dear Editor,

The court terms for the Rosedale and Cleveland Courthouses have already convened and as always, we want our citizens to be informed about what to expect.

Without our citizens, the jury system cannot work the way the authors of the Constitution envisioned. Yet jury service means rearranging schedules, canceling appointments, and oftentimes missing work. If citizens disregard a jury notice to appear to court, they can face consequences. In most cases, a court has the authority to issue warrants to show cause for failing to appear or a fine when individuals do not show for jury duty. In the case of Bolivar County, a citizen would receive a warrant or citation by personal (hand) delivery. Do not be mistaken; you would not receive notice by a phone call to make a payment to avoid a warrant or citation by any court in Bolivar County. Jury Service is serious and the integrity of the process will not be compromised with a mere phone call.

If a juror has a valid reason for exemption, he/she may request a review of the exemption by submitting their request prior to their scheduled jury service.

Citizens can learn more about Jury Duty and the court process in Bolivar County by going to our website at

Marilyn Kelly

Bolivar County Circuit Clerk


Letter to the Editor — Noel Funchess


Dear Editor,

No columnist is as persistent as Sid Salter when he gets a bone in his teeth, ("Amazon: Here's an update on full collection of Mississippi sales and use taxes", April, 7). You have to admire his tenacity in repeat efforts to get on-line sellers with no presence in Mississippi to serve as tax collectors for the state.

While Mississippi retailers enjoy local benefits provided at state expense, on-line sellers with no presence whatsoever in Mississippi do not. The fact that this is not a new tax is beside the point. To expect out of state retailers with no outlets here to bear the administrative expense of collecting and remitting state taxes back to us has no logical, rational argument that justifies it.

Noel Funchess




Letter to the Editor — Tim McCarter

Dear Editor,

I just read Jim Davidson's column. which was published in the Monday, April 10, 2017 edition of the Bolivar Commercial. All I can say is "AMEN!" Although I would probably have some theological differences with Mr. Davidson, it is an absolute certainty that he has "hit the nail on the head" with this article.

As I have observed parents and their children and their collective involvement in sports, especially summer time sports, it has become increasingly apparent to me that more and more parents are bowing down to the Baal of sports. Please don't misunderstand me. Generally speaking, I have nothing against sports - in their proper place. As a youngster I participated in the sports that were offered at the school I attended. As an adult I still enjoy watching athletic contests of various kinds. That being said, it is also my contention that far too many people are robbing their children of the spiritual development that is crucial to a well-balanced adult life that will make them an asset to their community and to society at large.

Statistics reveal that an infinitesimally small percentage of pre-teen and teenage children who participate in sports are ever able to make it to a professional level. And while the percentage of those who are able to obtain college athletic scholarships is a bit larger, the numbers are

still very small. Yet, every parent seems to have an unshakable faith that their "little Johnny" or "little Suzie" is going to be the "ONE" who makes it. But even if little Johnny and/or little Suzie do make it to the professional level, what kind of life will they have with little or no spiritual development. I think we can see the results of that in many of today's professional athletes. Furthermore, what about their life after sports? Very few careers last more than ten years, so what does someone in their early to mid 30s do for the rest of their life?

I still appreciate the family that I knew some years ago. Their son was a better than average soccer player. All the coaches in the city league wanted him on their team. Of course, he could only be on one and the parents made it clear to the coaches: "We attend worship services and Bible study on Sundays and on Wednesday night. If you have a Wednesday game he will be leaving at 6:30 to attend a 7:00 p.m. Bible class. He will not be playing on Sunday at all." Even with those stipulations the coaches still wanted the young fellow. But as good as he was he still never made it to the professional level.

Jesus said, "You shall worship the Lord your God, and Him only shall you serve." Who/what is your god?

Tim McCarter