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Making our own sunshine

My eyes popped open Sunday morning and the thought of the plans for the day were foremost in mind. I got out of bed and looked out my back window to find how gloomy it was outside. Everything looked wet, gray and lifeless which was a shame since our church picnic was on the schedule.

But it was going on with or without the rain. So I peeled my sleepy self off the window seal and on to the bathroom to get dressed for this event where I was designated to work in the kitchen. Crawford got dressed too because he was tagging along with me.

Now this is the first picnic we have had in many years so everyone was working from no particular plan. Ideas came forth from various minds to make the day a reality. There were many possibilities of what this event could involve but would it be limited since there is no sunshine outside?

Walking in I immediately saw some colorful posters that had Bible verses painted on them. Next to them were all kinds of strange objects that I found out later were games put together for the kids to play. Closer to lunchtime an inflatable showed up which is always a great plan for children. Just what it gave the room in decor was welcoming.

Parishioners began to trickle in and then the trickle became a flood. Despite the gloomy, wet conditions, it didn’t keep our fellowship from happening. The kitchen crew began to serve lunch and I was the designated potato salad server. I served potato salad until my thumb and wrist hurt. Every time I looked up to see where the food line ended it was always still at the back of the room. It seemed endless.

In the midst of serving, my sunshine was presented to me as smiles and greetings from people I knew and others I didn’t know. In the chaos of the food line while having conversations with our congregation, I realized I heard music. It wasn’t my imagination, Clayton Norquist was playing guitar and singing. The melody made the room feel warm and comforting. It was just loud enough that you could still hear the person next to you. It was just right.

After everyone was fed and I sat down to eat, I scanned the room to find everyone having a great time. Kids running, playing and laughing while their families enjoyed each other’s company. It seemed as if the room had gotten brighter in the hustle and bustle of the event. No one was concerned with the fact that the weather outside was yucky. As a community, as a church and as a people we had managed to create our own small miracle for that day.

We made our own sunshine. It beamed from all of our faces. It flowed from the great music and the lovely noise made by playing children. The room glowed with fun, excitement and fellowship. There was no division between us. We were all just people enjoying our time together. If you ask me this is the best way to have a picnic ... make your own sunshine.

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