Don’t forget the reason

We’re nearing Christmas time, a holiday where the stores are packed every weekend. Everyone rushes franticly to get that gift they’ve been looking for. Some people are worried that each child gets the right amount of gifts — spending the same amount of money. Others are worried that they don’t forget anybody in the gift giving.

It always irritates me how we’ve gotten so consumed with gifts. We max out our credit cards and get into a debt that cripples our day-to-day lives. Not everyone has plenty of money, and it can get to where people feel bad because they can’t do as much as the next person.

People, I have an important announcement. It’s not about money and it’s not about gifts. This time of the year should be about spending time with the ones we love. It’s about getting together with our friends and family and enjoying each other’s time. If you feel like you’ve got to have loads of money to get tons of gifts to have a happy Christmas, I think you are missing the point. It takes more than cash.

True happiness is something you can’t buy. As long as you’ve got good friends, good family and plenty of love in you heart, your Christmas should be truly merry. Let’s take the love and generosity we show during the holiday season and let it carry over into the New Year as we go out into the world. It’s important for us to remember we only have a short time on this earth.

We need to embrace our time here instead of worrying about stuff that’s insignificant in the long run. Don’t let the hustle and bustle of the world ruin your Christmas. Andy Collier is the sports editor of The Bolivar Commercial. He may be contacted at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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