Hudson: Working on solutions key to session success Featured

MS Representative Abe Hudson recently concluded his first session in Jackson and is preparing to return for the special session set for June 5.

Gov. Phil Bryant called the session to discuss funding particularly for the Mississippi Department of Transportation and the Attorney General's Office. 

According to Hudson, house members made several bipartisan attempts during to regular session to fund roads and bridges that were not accepted by the senate.

"With this being my first session, I realized that the house and the senate have differing viewpoints on how to solve infrastructure crisis. Instead of focusing on the areas of difference, I have made myself available to figure out how we can come up with a mutually beneficial solution," said Hudson.

Hudson, who is on the transportation committee, said he believes if action is not taken it would mean, “the continued deterioration of the state's roads and bridges.”

"Everyday, I drive over a bridge in Shelby, where I live. From what I understand, this is one of many bridges that presents danger for Bolivar County citizens. Though it is not the only one, it reminds me daily that we should invest more into our infrastructure. I am certain the house and the senate will agree on a short-term solution for this year. However, I believe a long-term approach is necessary so that we can stop putting a bandage on a major issue in our state," said Hudson.

"It is evident that the state is in a strained financial position. One can see this very clearly by the fact that the governor has continued to take money from the rainy day fund. An option is the institution of a state lottery. I think it is time to stop focusing on the problems, and focus more on solutions.

"The proposed lottery has speculated numerous amount of potential income. However, if it adds one extra dollar to education or transportation, I am all for it. Our revenue projections have continued to decline in the last few quarters. We must generate new sources of income."

Hudson said his first session has been a “full of education.

“I attempted to go to the capital and ask as many questions as I possibly could. By doing that, I put myself in a strong position to be effective during the 2018 legislative session.

"Additionally, I had to field many questions from constituent about how various agencies work. I was so thankful for the opportunities to work for my constituents and learn more about how our government functions."

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