Reed seeks seat in Shelby Featured

Fellow citizens of the city of Shelby, I am excited to announce my candidacy for the office of city alderman.

I am a lifelong resident of the city of Shelby with a strong track record of service for the people of my community and throughout Bolivar County. I served on the North Bolivar School Board for 10 years prior to consolidation with three years as the president. My experience with budgeting is evident by the $1.3 million carry over into consolidation. I served on the P16 school council.

I attended Rust College where I pursued a double major in math and chemistry. I am a retired RN of 35 years. My family and I have worked hard and built a successful business, Reed's Fine Foods.

On June 6, we all have a chance to face the challenges of Shelby together. We know what those challenges are — declining economic development, unsafe drinking water, high unemployment, loss of businesses, too many failing schools, horrible streets, need for housing, and so much more. Many of our challenges have come from failure of leadership. I believe that a community that prays together and works together will rise together. I will work with the mayor and entire board to improve the city of Shelby. I have a workable plan to make sure we tap into every available resource to revitalize our downtown, attract new businesses while supporting and expanding existing businesses, encourage entrepreneurship thereby creating new jobs, and improve infrastructure. I believe that the city and its educational system must work hand-in-hand, set high standards and hold them accountable for students’ achievement.

June 6, 2017, is our last call to rescue Shelby from the downward spiral of economic destruction. With your vote and support, we can break the cycle and create amazing change. I am asking you to elect me, Bobbie Reed, as your next alderwoman.

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