Humphrey vies for Shelby board seat Featured

I am Tommy Humphrey, a 74-year-old citizen of Shelby, born and raised. I am a devoted husband, father, brother, uncle, cousin, friend, business owner, and community leader. More importantly, I am a man of God who dedicates every moment of my life trying to make a difference in the lives of others. And I am running for the Shelby Board of Aldermen.

As a citizen, I have given myself unselfishly all of my adulthood exemplifying leadership and moral support to the community of Shelby through my work ethics as a local barber, deacon of my church, Commissioner of Shelby Housing Authority, and a gospel singer of the Shelby Male Chorus for 50 years. I am a retiree of the Mississippi Department of Corrections where I upheld the title of Lieutenant and Supervisor of the housing units.

As your next Alderman, it is my goal to work with my fellow Aldermen and elected officials and administrators providing the best support as we oversee fiscal responsibility, operations, and the safety and resilience of Shelby. My prior experience along with my love for this community has equipped me with the humility, tenacity, perseverance, and faith to change the current circumstances of our community.

As Alderman, I will not make promises that are not within my reach. However, I can assure you that I will do what’s in the best interest of this community. As part of my planning, I will pursue short and long term goals that are reasonably obtainable and financially sustainable. It is my desire to see a safer and positive change economically for the city of Shelby. Therefore, I am willing to be a team player with local, state, and federal officials to pursue a positive impact on our community. But in doing so, I need the support of all local citizens.

So on June 6, I need each of you to go out and vote for me as your next Alderman. I truly believe that together we change our current circumstances and foster the potential growth in our community.

My motto is “Together we can Rebuild our homes, Restore our lives, and Rejuvenate our city! Together, we can make a difference! Let’s take our city back!”

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