We Remember

The Flag flutters in the breeze and we Remember.
A trumpet plays its mournful tune across a silent field and we Remember.
A baby wails, while a mother and wife stoically weep and we Remember.
Men and women risk their lives crossing a street in foreign lands and we Remember.
Remember that today is not just the end of a three-day weekend.
Remember that today is not just an opportunity to hit the beach or grill outside.
Remember that for over two hundred years Americans have fought on our soil and foreign soil to keep people free from tyranny.
Today we Remember that there is hardly a family in our country which has not had a son, husband, brother, father, uncle, aunt, mother, sister, wife or daughter serve in the military.
Today we Remember that some of these service men and women died while performing their duties.
We Remember they died believing they were serving a noble ideal and protecting those they hold dear at home.
We Remember all those — equine, canine and civilian — who struggle to serve and protect the soldiers who are in service to their country.
We Remember, from watching on television or videos, the screeching brakes of the plane as it stops on the airport tarmac and the synchronized movements of the detail as it removes each flag draped coffin.
Today we Remember those who have fought and died for us as the American Flag flutters in the breeze.
Today we Remember as communities, Veterans of Foreign Wars, American Legions and others, listen to a mournful trumpet playing Taps.
Today we Remember as a baby wails, a wife weeps and a mother’s heart breaks for those will no longer share with them a three-day weekend or summer vacation.
Today we Remember and thank all of those who are gone but not forgotten.