Laying the foundations of life

The house buying process is a long one but I've come to learn there are several huge red flags you have to look out for, one of which we came across this weekend. After our home inspection report, we learned the house we are trying to buy has foundation issues. With cracks in the foundation, we knew this was not a home we could safely and confidently purchase for our family, which was both frustrating but also eye opening. Now that I'm writing columns I tend to be on the lookout for topics and strong foundations immediately stuck with me. I can easily say having a strong foundation is important in literally every single aspect of your life whether it be in your home, in your marriage, in your family or in your heart. With little feet running around our house, we daily try to build her a strong foundation so she is ready to stand on her own one day. A day that is a long long long long way off because I want her to be little forever. Now that Nana is closer to two, we're seeing some of the fruits of our labor through her holding hands at dinner time for prayer, reaching for hands when we prepare to cross a street, and lifting her sweet hands in the air when we sing to the Christian music station in the kitchen. As a storytelling instructor, I learned I struggle with teaching younger children because I forget they don't come out of a box knowing the fundamentals. I have to teach them what show don’t tell means because someone taught me, even though I don't necessarily remember learning those lessons. Somewhere along the line I learned to say yes ma'am, no ma'am, thank you, and please from Mrs. Cindy's apple rug at pre-school, I learned how to put my hands together to pray, I learned that while I might want to hit my friend it's not nice, and I learned that all of these things are not taught to everyone. So, with the knowledge of a weak foundation, we pulled out of purchasing this house and are searching for something else. I know it will all work out but I also know the foundation has got to be solid. This was something important when we bought what we call "MegaHouse" on South Leflore and as we worked on renovations, every wall that was stripped was then scribbled on with a pencil. Joshua 24:15, "…as for me and my house, we shall serve the Lord." It's in the hallways under paint, in the bathrooms under sheetrock, on the counters under countertops, beneath cabinets, but it was important to our family to have not only a physically strong foundation, but also a spiritually strong foundation. Now, more than ever, I'm seeing the reason for needing that foundation as we face new challenges in our moving process. Sometimes we get cracks in that foundation that can be patched back up, but the foundation itself has to be laid carefully, piece-by-piece, and then cared for, loved, and occasionally sprayed down with a pressure washer. Either way, we'll continue to focus on creating a life with that strong foundation not only for ourselves, but also for the little eyes that are watching our every move. Courtney Warren is an employee of The Bolivar Commercial. She may be contacted at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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