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The Tuesday meeting of the Cleveland board of Aldermen was full of exciting developments for some of the public use areas throughout the city.
Recently a partnership between the city and the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks was created to build a new dock, stock the pond and build new restrooms at Bear Pen Park.
The pond is now open for public fishing from dawn until dusk.
The bathrooms at the park are also complete and the aldermen have approved a final pay request.
However, improvements at the park are not finished.
"We are submitting a change order to add benches and trash receptacles along the walking trail. With this Department of Wildlife grant, they donate 80 percent of the funds and there is a 20 percent match from the city. We are well under our construction budget and this addition has already been approved by parks and wildlife," said City Engineer Josh McPherson.
McPherson's request was unanimously approved.
A final pay request and change order was also submitted and approved for the work going on at the Eastside Park pool pump house.
The small structure houses all of the filters, pumps and equipment for the pool.
"We have already replaced the roof and doors, replaced damaged sections of walls, and repainted the building but we had an issue with one of the walls," said McPherson.
"The was no reinforcing installed initially and when we began tearing down the broken sections the whole wall started falling apart. There is a welded wire mesh that was put between every other block row but it was missing on this wall. It will cost an additional $2,200 to complete the job because of this."
Alderman Robert Sanders asked if there were any additional funds that could be acquired from the MDWFP to improve other areas of the park.
"You can only have one active project at a time and our current project is the Bear Pen Park walking trail. However we will close that one out before the next round of funding begins and we can definitely look into Eastside Park," said McPherson
"Please do," replied Sanders. "I will see what donors we can talk to and see if we can get some improvements started on that park because it's awful. Those backboards and courts are badly deteriorated."
Sanders said he would also like to see a walking trail built for the park.
Improvements were also approved for the downtown Greenstrip.
Public Works Director Ray Bell presented a request to purchase and install two drinking fountains and water bottle fill stations for the area.
"One would be placed on the concrete pad by North Street and the other would be down by the police station," said Bell.
"They would be placed so they would not interfere with Octoberfest or other events," he added.
"They have them out at the Delta State walking trail. They are equipped with an automatic shut off valve and drains so they don’t freeze in the wintertime. You can get a drink or fill up a water bottle," said Bell.
"The fountains are about $2,950 each and the labor will be a little over $1,000 for the plumber. The concrete pads can be put down by public works. So we are looking at a total cost of around $8,000 for all labor and materials," he explained.
"It would be great if we could do this now. This time of year it's hot and people could really use these stations," he added.
Mayor Billy Nowell agreed, "It's going to be hot for another couple of months at least."
The aldermen approved the funds for the project.
Bell said he has already called the manufacture of the fountains and hopes to receive them within the month.
"As soon as we get them in we can get to work installing them," he said.

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