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McHardy, a Rosedale native has been attending Delta State University for the last six years and graduated in May. "I titled the show "Wood, Clay and Cloth" because they were the three media I worked the most with at Delta State. I took a lot of classes on ceramics, fiber arts and furniture design during my time at DSU. They require different tools and skill sets, but I have always liked the idea of combing them too. "They all have a craft element as well where as things such as painting and sculpture tend to be associated more with fine art," McHardy explained. McHardy said that her show was based partly on a desire to display and sell the work she has created over her time in school. "It's kind of a moving sale," she said with a laugh. "The items in the show are the things I have held on to over the years. They are the pieces I have taken with me each time I move. I feel that it’s a good sampling of my best work. This show is also kind of the closing of the school chapter of my life," she said. McHardy said that the creative outlet she finds in art is both uplifting and encouraging. "I feel like if you're depressed or overwhelmed, art can be very therapeutic. I have just always been drawn to it. I don't remember going to art museums or learning about art history as a child, but art has always been a part of my life. "I have been painting and drawing since I was a kid. When I first went to college I became interested in darkroom photography. Then I got married and had kids and just got busy. When I was 33 I decided to go back, take it seriously, and get my degree," she said. "I have learned so many skills and I tend to go in different directions with my art depending on a number of things. I also have my teaching certification so I don't have a very clear direction on where I want to go with my art just yet. "The Delta is an interesting place for artists. It's such an inspiring area and the culture is unique and historically there is a real appreciation for art here. There is a feeling that people are drawn to," said McHardy. McHardy's advice to future artists is simple, "practice at it!" "I hear so many people say 'I can't draw' or 'I'm a terrible artist' but the truth is if you put in the time and effort you can learn any of those skills. There are so many camps and programs here for young people too. The camps at Delta State and Delta Arts Alliance are wonderful. If you want to be an artist and you have the drive you can make it happen," she said. McHardy's gallery show is currently on exhibit at the Delta Arts Alliance in Cleveland through Saturday.

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