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To better accommodate special events, the Cleveland Board of Aldermen has implemented a new Special Events Permit Policy and Block Party Policy to go in effect July 1. Cleveland Mayor Billy Nowell said, "We want these policies for the safety of everyone and the fairness of everyone wanting to have these events. The need for these policies shows we have a great amount of activity in Cleveland and we want to make it best for everyone." For the special events permit, the aldermen decided one is needed for organized activities held on public property such as fairs, concerts and carnivals, an activities taking place on a designed rote on the public right of way, fun runs and races, and events open to the public which utilizes temporary structures such as tent and/or trailers, etc. According to the policies, the Special Events Committee will review each application and determine the Impact Level of the event. Special Events will be categorized as a Level I or II event based on information provided in the impact characteristics matrix and special event application. If an event is requesting a multi-year contract with the city, it is automatically classified as a Level II and subject to approval by the board. The Impact Level of the event will be used to determine applicable fees; requirements for a pre-event meeting and/or post event walk through; and level of review for special approval. There is a cleaning deposit of $100 and events are subject to permit fees based on the designated event impact level. Amplified sound is limited to the hours of 10 a.m. and 9 p.m. up to a total of four hours in any day. Exceptions may be approved for special events, in conjunction with the Special Event approval. Events must comply with the Unreasonable Noise Ordinance. The Block Party Policy has also been enhanced and the purpose of the program is to promote neighborhood relationships and increase community safety. Block parties must be open to all residents of the neighborhood or specific streets. Block parties are not intended to support specific religious, political or special, individual interest themes. Applications must be received at least 14 days before desired party date. Parties may be held any day year round between the hours of 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. for a maximum of 8 hours in duration. Block party permits will not be approved for single family use such as birthday parties, weddings, etc. Block parties are prohibited at any intersecting street that is controlled by a traffic control signal. In addition, the blocking of an entire intersection is prohibited. Vehicle traffic must be allowed to pass through on cross streets. There can be no sale of alcoholic beverages or food. Every resident impacted by the street closure must be notified and sign the application indicating whether or not they are in favor of the party and street closure. See the Cleveland Block Party Policy available on the Cleveland Special Events page.

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