Mound Bayou native to sign copies of fun book on love Featured

If readers are looking for quirky and fun, the book signing at Cotton Row Bookstore on Monday at 11:30 a.m. is the place to be as humor author and cartoonist Don "Chicken Doodle Soup" Owens signs his book Love Steenx. "I've been writing all of my life and it’s always been my dream to be a writer. This is not my first book. I started my own publishing company," Owens said. After being displeased with the publishing process, Owens created his own company Iceberg Tony's Used Denture Discounts, Sushi Jerky Nuggest and Mobile Publishing Company. "I worked in production for Paramount Pictures. I was also acting but discovered production and acting weren’t what I wanted to do. I wrote this comedy about a Jewish family but it's common that deals come and go. Eventually I wanted to start my own publishing company. I have this and the first book is called Love Steenx,” he said. Owens said he's been to several book signings at Barnes and Noble and while he has another book ready for debut, it won't be ready in time for the signing on Monday. Owens said he enjoys the laughter that both his book and personality bring to readers. "I'm a nut case, I love bugging people. I'm so out there my own reflection won't even look at me," he said. Owens said this book is relatable for many readers. "Everybody can identify with rejection, everyone is familiar with that subject and I decided to go the humor route on that. It's all cartoons, there are also these comical philosophies," he said. "The lesson you learn that yours wasn’t a match made in heaven is that no one smokes in heaven. Mad Mike from MTV's Pimp my Ride wrote a nice endorsement for the book," he said. "I want people to know they can laugh at their problems and that rejection can be one of them. Anyone can read this book, children can read it or adults," he said. Owens is returning to a Mississippi for a very important family reunion and his book signing is icing on the cake of his visit. "I love Mississippi, I used to come to Mississippi when I was a kid. I loved coming down there and visit the folks and have a laugh. I hope the people have as much fun as I plan to have," he said. For more information about the book signing call 662-843-7083.

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