Agencies team up to keep county safe

Summer is often thought of as a time to relax but those who protect and serve the Delta are not taking a holiday because crime does not take a holiday. In fact based on a 17-year study the rates of intimate partner violence, aggravated assault, rape and sexual assault victimization and household larceny and burglary all increase during the summer according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics. Recently the Bolivar County Sheriff's Department enlisted the help of other law enforcement agencies to crack down on crime. The Cleveland Police Department, Delta State Police Department, Washington County Sheriff's Office, Mississippi Department of Corrections, Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics, and Tunica County Sheriff's Office joined with Bolivar County forces to make the region a safer place for residents. According to a press release from the Bolivar County Sheriff's office, the two-day Bolivar County Safe Streets operation resulted in the issuance of 40 traffic citations and 14 arrests. The arrests ranged from child support violations to felon possession of a controlled substance. Arrests were also made for individuals who had been driving while intoxicated, possession of a firearm on school property, and various misdemeanors warrants. "Here in Cleveland, we basically blanketed the city with officers. We set up checkpoints and conducted routine traffic stops. We were also looking for individuals who had outstanding warrants," said Cleveland Police Chief Buster Bingham. In Cleveland, two felony arrests for drugs were made. "These arrests were made onsite by officers. They were conducting routine traffic stops and further investigation revealed that the individuals were in possession of illegal substances "Our goal was to let everyone know that no nonsense will be tolerated. We want a safe and peaceful summer and we are doing everything to keep the town, the citizens and their property safe," added Bingham. "This type of law enforcement shall continue in Bolivar County to further reduce criminal activity. Our citizens demand and deserve safe streets and neighborhoods and it is law enforcement's responsibility to make sure that all citizens are safe throughout the communities in Bolivar County," said Bolivar County Sheriff Kelvin Williams Sr. in a recent press release. Williams also said that one of his goals is to continue to foster great working partnerships with city, county and federal law enforcement agencies. "It is essential to public safety and shall always be an important government responsibility," said Williams in a press release. Williams also extended his thanks and gratitude to all of the agencies that partnered with the Bolivar County Sheriff's Department to make the operation both safe and successful.

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