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At a recent Cleveland Board of Aldermen meeting concern for lawn clippings was discussed as many people continue to cut their lawns and blow clippings into the street.
This is an issue every summer and the reason for such a concern is because of the flood risk in Cleveland.
If the storm drains are clogged, rainwaters have nowhere to escape and roads then flood.
Cleveland Police Chief Buster Bingham assured the board lawn services would begin receiving tickets if they aren't completing the entire job and taking grass clippings with them or bagging them to place at the end of the street.
Aldermen Paul Janoush and Kirkham Povall voiced concerns for this issue.
If debris is placed on the edge of a person's property, it will be removed.
Both RES and Cleveland Public Works have specific days for this type of pickup.
According to the city ordinances, "All loose trash consisting of leaves, grass clippings, paper, etc., shall be placed at the curb, but not in the paved portion of the street or road, in a container of some sort, in such a manner that such trash shall not be subject to scattering.
"This may be bags, boxes, garbage cans or other containers that can be picked up or emptied by one person. Limbs, brush, scrap lumber, etc., shall be cut into lengths of not more than five feet (60 inches) and placed at the curb for collection, but not in the paved portion as aforesaid."
The maximum fine is $100 and or a day in jail per each offense.
The storm drains in Cleveland are vital and the board felt it very important to remind residents that if the drains become clogged, heavy rains can cause major flooding.
The Delta depends on the storm drains to drain quickly and efficiently in order to allow streets to continue working properly.
For more information call city hall at 662-846-1471.

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