Hunting illegal in Rosedale park Featured

Rosedale Councilman Tracy Robinson asked about illegal hunting activity at the Great River Road State Park at Tuesday's meeting.
Robinson said he had recently driven by the park and saw a man with several deer in his truck.
"Are people allowed to hunt in the park and do they need a permit," asked Robinson.
According to Jennifer Head, director of state parks for the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks, hunting is not allowed at the Great River Road State Park.
Head added there is a Wildlife Management Area boundary line that is adjacent to the park, which has been used for hunting in the past.
In talking to Russ Walsh, executive director of the wildlife bureau for the MDWFP, the boundary line area is currently closed for hunting.
"If anyone was there hunting and harvested a deer, it would have been done illegally and they would have been trespassing," said Walsh.
Walsh said he would inform the MDWFP law enforcement division and have them investigate the matter.
In other business, Mayor Cary Estes said he received a notice from the city's water operator that one of the city's wells are not functioning and are beyond repair.
Estes said the city needs $550 to replace the well and he would talk to the public work department about replacing it.
Estes also mentioned that a request to repair the road on East Jackson Street, which is behind Piggly Wiggly, has been approved by the Bolivar County Board of Supervisors.
Estes said Councilman Charles Turner made the request for the repairs at last month's city meeting, to improve the conditions for the 18-wheeler trucks that deliver supplies to the stores in the area.
"I hope get it's tended to as soon as possible," said Estes.
The council made a request to the Bolivar County Board of Supervisors to assist the city and Levee Board in rerouting a drainage ditch at the base of the levee at the end of Court Street.
"I talked to Peter Nimrod with the levee board and county road manager James Pritchett to come up with a solution to stop the flooding in that area," said Estes.

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