Mound Bayou Fire


mb house fire copy

mb house fire copyFirefighters came together to fight a house fire in Mound Bayou on Saturday

A large fire in Mound Bayou on Saturday caused several volunteer fire department districts to respond to 303 Lafayette Ave.

According to Mound Bayou Fire Chief Edgar Glover, "No one was hurt, thank God. The family managed to get out and we did have some people who were already out in the neighborhood. One person who saw the fire was a firefighter and so he radioed in."

Glover said the homeowner told firefighters he was working on a vehicle and when he cranked the car underneath the carport, he said there was an explosion.

"It took a few hours to extinguish and Battalion 1 responded from Bolivar County, District 1 from Mound Bayou, District 2 from Duncan, and District 7 from Shelby. Pafford Emergency Services also came and were a great help because we had some guys that were getting overheated and we are so appreciative they came and helped us out on that," said Glover.

With so many firefighters from different districts, Glover said he was pleased to see them all working well together.

"It almost seemed as if we had trained together because everything was synchronized. We had everyone there to support us and we had firefighters off on leave who came and help hydrate us. We also had locals bring us Gatorades. We finally got control of it after an hour and were able to distinguish," he said.

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